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We work with every major manufacturer as a reseller through their entire dealer network to bring you exactly what you need. Looking for state contract prices? No problem; we have you covered from the vehicle itself to the equipment going into it.



Weather you're transferring equipment or just getting your vehicle auction ready, we're here to help you get maximum ROI on your fleet.



There are a lot of options out there. We work with you to simplify the build of your next vehicles to ensure you are getting the most functionality for your budget.



It goes without saying that we have the best builds in the Nation. Our unique Utili-Harness System ensures a clean install from the braided color coded wire harness to the unique vehicle QR code.



We only use top quality vinyl, but before it even meets your vehicle, the design is laid out on the computer so you know exactly what it will look like.



We're constantly shipping vehicles across the nation giving you access to the most qualified vehicle upfitter without driving a single mile.

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A Process So Efficient We Named It.

UtiliHarness is a unique method of wiring and organizing vehicle equipment. It all starts with a custom-built color coded wiring harness wrapped in the industries most durable wire loom. Each wire is terminated with time proven Perma-Seal connectors for a durable connection guaranteed to withstand the harshest environments. To top it all off, evert wire is labeled so you, or any future owners, know exactly where that wire is going and what it is for. Not more tedious tracing. Simple diagnostics.

All equipment is wired through a distribution block that allows for timed, constant, and fused outputs. This expands equipment options while maintaining maximum battery life.

Finally, every vehicle is given a unique QR code placed in the door jamb that allows ANYONE access to vehicle specific documentation including:

  • Installed equipment
    • Serial numbers, date of manufacture, and operational information
    • Warranty information
    • Date of installation
  • Wiring information
    • Wiring diagrams
    • Wire harness color code

Never Less Than 5 Stars

"Joe, I want to again thank you for the excellent install. Everything appears and functions properly. The wiring is neatly placed and coded just like you said. You did the work fast and professionally.  We will be putting the vehicle into service probably tomorrow to replace a very tired Dodge Charger."
Chief Shipman
"Your customer service has been above any other.  If there is any way I can give you an excellent review, just let me know."
Chief Pernice
“Your crew did an excellent job not only in installation but cleaning up and putting all of my stuff back together and where it goes when they were done! I will highly recommend you to others. Thank you"”
Chief Henry



Where it all starts. We take your ideas, logos, and existing fleet into consideration when we load it all onto a CAD file so you can see exactly what you’re getting before it even hits the printer.



We’ve partnered with our friends at Mark.It Graphics to bring high quality vinyl and print to the area. They print out the designs and then send them, and within a day or two, we have the finished product on the UPS truck.


Our team carefully applies your graphics ensuring a long lasting and quality installation.