Western Snow Products

The sale is the least important part of our process. It's what follows - 24/7 support, a massive parts inventory, mobile repairs, loaner equipment, etc. Whatever it takes to keep you moving when it matters most.

Benefits beyond a great price.


As the only local snow equipment dealer offering PA COSTARS rate, you can be assured you are getting the best allowable price on both equipment and installation.

Available units - 2022

AvailablePlowsMSRP Price
27 foot 6 inch HTS (Steel)$7,719.00
17 foot 6 inch PRO-PLOW (Steel)$8,632.00
38 foot 6 inch PRO-PLOW (Steel)$8,983.00
18 foot PRO-PLUS (Steel)$9,255.00
28 foot 6 inch PRO-PLUS (Steel)$9,439.00
29 foot PRO-PLUS (Steel)$9,678.00
310 foot PRO-PLUS HD (Steel)$11,052.00
17 foot 6 inch ENFORCER (Stainless)$9,327.00
28 foot 6 inch MVP3 (Steel)$10,720.00
18 foot 6 inch MVP3 (Stainless)$11,952.00
29 foot 6 inch MVP3 (Steel)$11,277.00
49 foot 6 inch MVP3 (Stainless)$12,530.00
210 foot 6 inch MVP3 (Steel)$13,522.00
110 foot 6 inch MVP3 (Stainless)$14,732.00
1WIDE-OUT (Steel)$12,533.00
4WIDE-OUT XL (Steel)$13,293.00
1PRODIGY (Steel)$10,987.00
AvailableHopper SpreadersMSRP Price
17 foot 1.5 cubic yard TORNADO$9,717.00
28 foot 2.5 cubic yard TORNADO$13,463.00
28 foot 2.0 cubic yard STRIKER$9,672.00
19 foot 4.5 cubic yard STRIKER$14,376.00
AvailableTailgate SpreadersMSRP Price
2LOW-PRO 300W$1,307.00
2MODEL 500$2,766.00
4MODEL 1000$3,186.00
2MODEL 2500$3,727.00