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Utilitac is the next generation of commercial vehicles. Gone are the days of getting the bare minimum for your budget with our transparent pricing, modern equipment, national network, and lifetime warranty. 

1. Vehicles

Hundreds of vehicles in stock at any time at the government pricing you need.

2. Equipment

We work with every manufacturer to offer what works best for your needs.

3. Price

Use our vehicle builder to get instant pricing based on your needs (Not your budget).

4. Paperwork

After receiving your unbeatable price, we'll work through the final details to make sure everything is perfect moving forward .

5. Schedule

18 Months? No Way! At times we can be limited by manufacturers, but we like to keep our lead times to a reasonable 12-16 weeks

6. Build

We wouldn't offer a nation-wide lifetime warranty if we didn't build each vehicle without compromise.

7. Finalize

The vehicle lighting is programmed to match your predetermined preferences and we add any final details (Graphics, radios, computers)

8. Quality Control

Lastly, we send you a full video of your vehicle before it leaves our facility including an in depth how-to if needed.

9. Delivery

Don't want to come to one of our locations? We're moving vehicles across the nation every day!

Spend Less.

Get More For Your Budget.

Unlike our competition, your budget is none of our concern. Our pricing is based on the equipment you need; not what we can get out of you. You get what you pay for.

Never Worry.

Lifetime Warranty.

Our build process is designed to last a lifetime and we stand behind it 100%.

We'll Take it from here.

24/7 Support.

Our customer service department has you covered:

  • Vehicle Availability
  • Government Grants
  • Building Your Vehicle
  • Financing / Leasing
  • Tech Support
Two matching Tahoe PPVs with police lights on

Transparency and communication is just the beginning

Have any Questions?

Individual vehicle purchases require manufacturer approval as all our vehicles are ordered with government pricing.

We have hundreds of vehicles on the lot at any given time. However, model availability varies throughout the year.

“Upfitting” is the installation of aftermarket equipment to your vehicle.

Not only do we hold multiple state contracts, we also hold several National contracts.

None! We sell vehicles for the same exact price we pay for them.  The only caveat? We only sell vehicles with our upfit.

The easiest way to get a price on your next vehicle is using our vehicle builder. Alternatively, we are available via phone (844) 28-UPFIT or send your RFQ to

Yes! We simply ask for a picture of your current fleet or similar vehicle you would like it to look like and we’ll send a design for your approval.

Our lifetime warranty covers the install of all aftermarket equipment. Vehicles and equipment warranties are still through the manufacturer.

We Want Your Next Vehicle, Too.

Satisfaction isn't just a guarantee.

2024 Industry Favorites Voted By You

NYE County, NV

As the third largest county in the nation, they desperately needed an upgrade. We gladly made it happen with 21 Durangos equipped with SoundOff Signals BluePrint System.

Tahoe PPV graphics for wheeler county Nebraska

Wheeler County, NE

Nothing was out of the ordinary with these Whelen CORE equipped Tahoes, but they can be spotted from across the nation with their sharp American flag reflective 3M graphics.

Tahoe PPV with the emergency lights on downtown Houston Texas

houston, TX

By department, Texas is our most popular state and certainly the most tasteful. This Tahoe was decked out with every possible mPower product SoundOff Signal has to offer.

For Our Statistical Friends...

If our unique benefits, impeccable customer service, and world renowned installation wasn’t enough for you, maybe the numbers will convince you.

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Utilitac is composed of a team of vehicle upfitting experts, performing a full spectrum of builds on commercial and emergency response vehicles, along with a variety of industry work trucks. Our detail oriented team is knowledgeable in the latest tech advancements to make your choice for a vehicle upfitter an easy one.