Rapid-Deployment Police Cars

A rapid-deployment police car is a vehicle that is ready to be built and shipped to you with very little to no lead time at the expense of customizability.

Little To No Lead Times

These cars are built using only parts on the lot and on the shelf meaning zero manufacturer lead times.

Unmatched Pricing

It's supply and demand. Because they are our most used parts, we get better pricing and so do you.

Ready For The Road

It's all there. From the vehicle to the aftermarket equipment, we have you covered.

Rapid-Deployment Police Vehicle Inventory

Rapid-deployment police cars are the ultimate solution for law enforcement departments looking to save time and money. These vehicles come fully equipped and ready-to-use, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming customizations. With rapid-deployment police cars, departments can reduce downtime and increase efficiency, ensuring that officers are always ready for duty. Additionally, these vehicles are designed with the latest technology and safety features, providing officers with the tools they need to do their job safely and effectively. In short, rapid-deployment police cars are a wise investment for any law enforcement department looking to optimize their operations and save money in the long run.