Been There Done That.

It’s where the owner of Utilitac started, so we know the use (and abuse) your equipment will see and how we can save you money while maintaining maximum efficiency and functionality. Upfit your trucks with the most durable brands like Magnum, Duramag, and WeatherGuard.

Truck Bodies

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing truck bodies rotted out within a couple years of install. Paint chipping off, holes rusted through, and worth the value of scrap after about 10 years. I’m over it. So I made the switch. All of our utility beds are aluminum while our dump bodies are offered in both stainless and aluminum and our flatbeds are steel or aluminum. What are the benefits?

Vehicle Lighting

It’s really our bread and butter. Our wiring system is like no other. We stock and install three different lighting manufacturers, Whelen, Feniex, and SoundOff for every budget. And our warranty is unmatched.

We know exactly what is needed to keep roadside crews safe while efficiently maintaining a reasonable budget.

Tool Boxes

How many generic tool boxes can you go through before it is worth it to buy a good one?

Trick question. Generic tool boxes are never worth it. I was going through two a year. Literally. I’ve now had my WeatherGuard tool box installed for several years and beyond the minor dent from an excavator tooth, it is still functioning 100%. And the best part? It didn’t even cost what two of my generic boxes cost.