Work Truck

Utilitac provides complete work truck upfitting services, from selecting the right vehicle to delivering a fully customized build that meets your specific needs.

New vehicle selection

Grant Assistance and Purchase

Decommission and Sale of Old Vehicle

Custom Layout and Design



Where it all starts. We take your ideas, logos, and existing fleet into consideration when we load it all onto a CAD file so you can see exactly what you’re getting before it even hits the printer.



We’ve partnered with our friends at Mark.It Graphics to bring high quality vinyl and print to the area. They print out the designs and then send them, and within a day or two, we have the finished product on the UPS truck.


Our team carefully applies your graphics ensuring a long lasting and quality installation.


Full build customization

Truck Bodies

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing truck bodies rotted out within a couple years of install. Paint chipping off, holes rusted through, and worth the value of scrap after about 10 years. I’m over it. So I made the switch. All of our utility beds are aluminum while our dump bodies are offered in both stainless and aluminum and our flatbeds are steel or aluminum. What are the benefits?

Tool Boxes

How many generic tool boxes can you go through before it is worth it to buy a good one?

Trick question. Generic tool boxes are never worth it. I was going through two a year. Literally. I’ve now had my WeatherGuard tool box installed for several years and beyond the minor dent from an excavator tooth, it is still functioning 100%. And the best part? It didn’t even cost what two of my generic boxes cost.

Vehicle Lighting

It’s really our bread and butter. Our wiring system is like no other. We stock and install three different lighting manufacturers, Whelen, Feniex, and SoundOff for every budget. And our warranty is unmatched.

We know exactly what is needed to keep roadside crews safe while efficiently maintaining a reasonable budget.

Delivery & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Landscaping and snow-removal  is where the owner of Utilitac started, so we know the use (and abuse) your equipment will see and how we can save you money while maintaining maximum efficiency and functionality. Upfit your trucks with the most durable brands like Magnum, Duramag, and WeatherGuard.

NTEA (The Association For the Work Truck Industry)

What is it?

NTEA is a standard for truck builders outlining the safety and processes that go into properly building a truck including FMCSA rules, weight distribution, and a much more. It is all outlined in several books including a 4 inch 3 ring binder.

What does it mean for you?

As a NTEA member, Utilitac is able to bring you the latest products in the industry, provide industry specific insights, and maintain a certification process like not other. This ensures maximum safety before your truck even hits the road.


What's it to me?

Utilitac and COSTARS

Our contracts with PA COSTARS are more than just a way to become more appealing to you. It allows us to become a better and more efficient municipal truck builder for you by increasing our volume with similarly spec’d builds.

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