Emergency Vehicle Upfitting

Delivering reliable results to the police, fire, and emergency medical service industries.

The latest and best way to build your new police car:

The Utilitac Upfitting Process:

Your next emergency response vehicle is one phone call away. Not a request letter to 10 dealerships; half-day educational seminars with 6 manufacturers; a review analysis on graphics companies; or even brokering a delivery company. Just one call. (844) 28-UPFIT.

  • Vehicle Purchase

    The ever changing auto industry can be difficult to follow sometimes. Especially when manufacturers offer industry specific packages such as Ford's Read-For-The-Road package that delivers a nearly pursuit ready vehicle. We work with every major manufacturer as a reseller through their entire dealer network to bring you exactly what you need. Looking for PA COSTARS rate? No problem; we have you covered from the vehicle itself to the equipment going into it.

  • Decommission

    It's up to you to determine what you want to do with your old equipment. Leave the rest up to us. Transferring your equipment to your new vehicle? We'll take it off and put it on even better. Keeping your equipment? We'll get it off in one piece and leave the vehicle auction ready. Don't want it? We're partnered with the top auction and used equipment facilities to help you recover top dollar towards your next vehicle.

  • Sale

    We can handle not only the sale of your old vehicle, but also all of the advertising and marketing that goes along with it to ensure you get every penny out of it. We go beyond slapping it on a government auction board. We handle the vehicle as if it's our own by first preparing and cleaning it. This includes professional graphics removal , repairs to the body from permanent equipment mounts, and detailing the interior and exterior as economically as possible. The vehicle is the professionally photographed and advertised as is on the nations top used car sites. From there, we typically enter the vehicle into the Northeast's most popular auction and advertise it as needed to attract as much attention as possible.

  • Layout

    There's a lot of options out there. A lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. We're here to simplify that for you. Through experience, we've developed popular packages that apply to your industry as a whole. The benefits of this? Much of your fleet will be interchangeable, parts are kept in stock at any of our locations, and we're able to further discount thos producs for you. But what if you need something custom. Like totally custom. That is when we, including the tech that will be working on your vehicle, sit down with you and walk you through not only the various products and their options, but also the various manufacturers and price points.

  • Build

    Simply put, our builds are the best. It goes beyond good equipment, custom installation, and clean wiring. Each of our harnesses are custom built for the vehicle using color coded wire and color coded loom. But it goes beyond that. We then label all termination and attach a QR code to the door of the vehicle that is linked to a folder unique to that vehicle. This folder includes useful information such as equipment models and serial numbers, warranty dates, and program files.

  • Graphics

    We use only top quality 3M graphics, but before that, all design work is laid out on the computer so you know exactly what you're getting before it's applied to your vehicle.

  • Delivery

    We have in house contractors with trailers designed to haul an entire fleet as efficiently as possible.

  • Satisfaction

    We don't stop at delivery. The last and most important step is following up with you, our client, to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your build and it works exactly as intended. With maximum functionality.

The Utilitac Upfitting Products:

Don't get me wrong, we love call backs. Just not on malfunctioning emergency vehicle equipment. There is no point in having the greatest wiring system in the nation if we don't pair it with reputable products from industry leading manufacturers.