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Take on winter like a pro with the WESTERN® PRO PLUS® snow plow. With its rugged straight blade and wide range of vehicle compatibility, this ultimate tool is ideal for even the toughest commercial operations. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, the WESTERN® PRO PLUS® snow plow is the perfect choice for those who demand performance and reliability. 

Maximize the potential of your Class 4 to 6 trucks with the WESTERN® PRO PLUS® HD snow plow, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of heavy-duty commercial and light municipal snow plowing. Take on large parking lots and local streets with ease, thanks to the exceptional performance and reliability of the WESTERN® PRO PLUS® HD snow plow. 

“Don’t let winter weather slow you down! Take your snow removal game to the next level with the WESTERN® PRO-PLOW® Series 2 snow plow. This robust straight blade plow delivers professional-grade performance, making it the perfect choice for clearing residential driveways and light-commercial properties with ease and simplicity. 


Revolutionize your snow removal process with the WESTERN® MIDWEIGHT™ snow plow, perfect for tackling heavy snowfalls without feeling weighed down. Combining professional-grade reinforcement with a lightweight design, this plow is the ultimate solution for clearing residential driveways or light commercial properties. 


Meet the WESTERN® HTS™ snow plow – the full-size, full-featured solution for contractors and homeowners seeking a high-performing plow designed for lighter half-ton, four-wheel-drive trucks. Built for strength and durability while remaining lightweight, this plow is the perfect choice for personal and light commercial use, including driveways, small commercial lots, and parking spaces.

Say goodbye to deep snowdrifts with the WESTERN® DEFENDER™ compact snow plow – the ultimate solution for defending your driveway against even the toughest winter storms. Designed for midsized pickups and SUVs, this plow packs a punch when it comes to getting the job done right. Whether you’re battling heavy snow or icy conditions, the WESTERN® DEFENDER™ is up to the task.

Meet the WESTERN® IMPACT™ Heavy-Duty snow plows – built exclusively for utility vehicles and compact tractors to go anywhere that demands WESTERN-grade performance. With high-strength, low alloy steel components, these professional-grade plows feature an easy-on/easy-off mounting system, removable receiver brackets, and Scrape Lock for clean scraping and back dragging.

The WESTERN® IMPACT mid-duty straight blade plows are perfectly sized for your mid-duty sport or recreational UTV without sacrificing performance. Packages available in either full hydraulic lift and angle or winch lift manual angle versions. The blade is available in two widths, 5’6″ or 6’0”—the 5’6″ blade widths are perfect for sidewalks and 6’0″ blades are ideal for wider areas/driveways.